Sunday, March 25, 2012


I picked up this great colorful fabric ages ago at the thrift store of all places and I've thought about making a dress for myself out of it, but the fact is that I'm not likely to wear a dress that bright all the often, it would be a bigger project than I'm willing to tackle anytime soon and Sal could use some more skirts. She is always asking to wear skirts and she could use some more Sunday wear as well. So I decided to whip up a circle skirt. I always wanted one when I was a kid. I had a friend who had one and I always envied how well her skirt twirled. I essentially followed the same steps as shown on MADE, but I don't have a serger so I sewed my elastic onto the fabric with the right side of the fabric toward the elastic and then folded the fabric down and top-stitched over that to keep my raw edge contained. In case anyone was wondering. I also folded my hem pretty wide in case the waist fits for a while then I can take it out, but the truth is that hemming a circle is kind of a pain and I'd go with the narrow hem in the future. Anyway here are some pictures of Sal jumping and twirling. Not stunning of the skirt, I'll admit, but she's so darn cute that I'm sure it will make up for it.


Tuckered out.


grandmajane said...

Great job on the skirt. Sally looks so happy to have something fun to twirl in.

Jill Hancock said...

what a great momma you are! well done on your sewing!

Sue Rasmussen said...

Daad says it's the cutest picture ever of Sally. I remember twirling in one of my mom's old skirts when I was a kid. I loved twirling and feeling that skirt fly away from my legs.

Anonymous said...

love the skirt and LOVE that you're sewing! And really, I can't do a hem at all on those kinds of skirts so you're amazing! Doesn't it feel wonderful to make something useful and adorable? You should be super duper proud!